Frederika is a skin saviour trained in holistic facial therapy and cosmetic acupuncture.


With a background in natural skincare she focused her knowledge and passion for holistic beauty and launched Saintly Skin. Frederika delivers effective facials which lift and contour the face whilst leaving the skin with an irresistible glow.

Treatments combine facial massage, facial and body acupuncture, gua sha, LED light therapy, electrical muscle stimulation and radiofrequency.



Each facial is bespoke to your skin’s needs and begins with a skin consultation. Using a blend of facial massage, LED light therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, radiofrequency, deep cleansing, steam and extractions the skin is left with a natural glow whilst a deeper, healing process is initiated from within. All products are carefully curated, plant-based formulations which restore and repair the skin surface. 

  • Detox the skin by encouraging lymphatic flow

  • Improve blood circulation allowing nutrients to be delivered more efficiently to the skin's surface

  • Strengthen and tone the facial muscles

  • Prevent skin sagging and fine lines

  • Release tension and stress within the face

  • Stimulate collagen production for age-defying results

  • Even skin tone appearance


From acne to ageing - cosmetic acupuncture is a unique tool in your beauty routine. Combining traditional acupuncture points on the face for general wellbeing whilst also targeting areas for aesthetic purposes. Beauty comes from within, and that is why Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is combined with this high tech facial for a 360 degree approach to beauty. 

Core Treatment

Starting with a calming cleansing ritual you will immediately feel yourself relaxing. Using gentle acupuncture techniques and Thrive intradermal needles, the treatment will release facial tension, define and sculpt the face and encourage your body's natural restorative response with increased micro-circulation and collagen production. Meanwhile a peptide infusion masks will clarify and nourish skin penetrating deep into the skin's surface.

Ultra fine body or ear needles will enhance body function and assist in facial tissue renewal. These powerful micro-systems are Ideal for those with anxiety, stress and sleeping disorders and those searching for an overall sense of wellbeing.

1st Treatment - £125 (Includes consultation 120 mins)

Ongoing treatments - £125 (75 mins - 90 mins)


3 Treatments - £335

5 Treatments - £545



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Contact Me

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Homerton, Hackney, London, E9 5BF


07780 601 491

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